"There is no such thing as a good tax."
Winston Churchill

About Company

Company name:A.C.A. Audit, s.r.o.
Business form:Limited Company
Entry in Comercial Register:Krajský soud v Brně, Section C, File number 26137
Purpose of business:Auditing services
Date of company registration:12.5.1997
Registration No.:253 38 587
Auditor:Registration No. 257
Number of employees:5
Company name:A.C.A. Ing. Alena Michálková
Business form:Individual Enterpreneur - ŽL č.j.371400-23796-01
Purpose of business:Enterprise and Financial Advisor Activity
Date of company registration:27.9.1991
Registration No.:415 93 057
Tax advisor:18.10.1993, Ev. No. 000309
Auditor:9.2.1996, Registration No. 1544
Education:The University of Economics, Prague
Shares in mercantile companies:100% A.C.A. Audit, s.r.o.
Number of employees:11

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